Ever wondered what defines a good school. Is it the kids, Is it the teachers, or is it the administration?

What If we say, it is the values. What if we say it is the principles.

Good Shepherd is build on Great values. Truth comes first, Love comes second and the last but not the least Hard Work Good shepherd and its people is built on these values


Classrooms are where you learn to be a family, get educated together and harness friendships.


Library is yet another classroom, but with a difference. Other classrooms make you study but Library allows you to learn. In library you Seek knowledge from multitudes of books spanning different categories.

But knowledge is not limited to classrooms Your kids should have a place to apply your gained knowledge. We call it Labs. Be it physics or chemistry or biology or computer science, Labs are adequately equipped to give a free hand on the application of knowledge.

Chemistry Lab

Physics Lab

Computer Lab

Biology Lab